Tuesday, July 28, 2015

On the press . . .

More historic plates reveal their long forgotten images at the press. This one is from the Cayuga-Owasco Lakes Historical Society’s collection.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Three Bibles . . .

I recently restored three bibles. Here is the first before and after. This book needed considerable cleaning and resewing. A new cover was made and the spine was reinforced.

Three Bibles . . .

I recently restored three bibles. Here is the second before and after. Unfortunately this book was too far gone to justify rebinding, so I made a custom clam-shell box for it. The original leather cover was saved and dresses up the front of the box.

Three Bibles . . .

I recently restored three bibles. Here is the third before and after. The brass clasp was saved, a new cover was made and the spine was reinforced.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Recent Commission . . .

Some deep letterpress impression on these freshly printed calling cards. 

Cayuga-Owasco Lakes Historical Society Lecture . . .

A few photos from my lecture last night at the Cayuga-Owasco Lakes Historical Society. I had a very enthusiastic crowd, and the tabletop press is always a crowd pleaser!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Reminder . . .

I will be giving my letterpress talk tonight, July 16th at 6:30pm!

Please note that the talk will be in the Sylvan Lodge, 159 Main St, Moravia, NY, rather than the Cayuga-Owasco Lakes Historical Society house/museum.

Friday, July 10, 2015

In the News . . .

I was in the Homer News for letterpress printing some vintage plates for the CNY Living History Center!

“The CNY Living History Center recently acquired through a donation several printing plates that depict Brockway trucks, believed to be from the 1930’s and1940’s.
     Cleon Bush of Marathon discovered the letterpress printing plates while cleaning out a barn. He arranged for the plates to be delivered to the Living History Center. Unsure of exactly what to do with the plates, Executive Director Doreen Bates contacted Don Ferris, publisher of The Homer News, for an evaluation of what she had and some guidance on how to proceed.
     Ferris has been involved in printing for over 50 years, so when he saw the plates, he knew there would be a lot of interest in the images the plates contained. Drawing on his experience and many contacts in the printing industry, he found someone who could print some quality reproductions from the copper plates. Don arranged with Rob LoMascolo of Union Springs, NY to run proofs of the plates.
     The prints appear to be from some sort of advertising book, as they show a series of school buses (including one from Union Springs), dump trucks, beer delivery trucks, paddy wagons and emergency trucks, and lumber delivery trucks. One plate shows a variety of trucks that appear to be units that were sold to businesses in Argentina.
     Thanks to Mr. Bush for donating the plates to the museum. Look for some interesting uses of the images on the plates in the coming months.”

-The Homer News