Monday, July 9, 2012

Fortnight Concludes . . .

Fortnight Journal from Fortnight Journal on Vimeo.

Fortnight has concluded daily publication, but you can still see all of Rob's content on the redesigned Fortnight website. Rob's content is now all on his own page Fortnight Journal Contributor Rob LoMascolo.

Fortnight: Today Fortnight concludes its daily publication. Over the past two years, Fortnight has collected the lives and stories of 58 members of the millennial generation. What remains is a time capsule of 336 original works detailing the lives and ideas of the first generation raised on the Internet and the last to remember life unplugged. Fortnight has been re-designed to showcase the entirety of our extensive documentary study. The process of producing content on a daily basis has been an exciting and rewarding experience. I know the Fortnight team will miss engaging with our readership so frequently, but we are excited to unveil a digital gallery that showcases the work that we've done since launching in 2010. 

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