Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Typosignet . . .

The Press of  Robert LoMascolo is pleased to announce a new broadside! This is an 11x26in letterpress printed Typosignet, or type picture. The design is made up of countless small typographic ornaments. Type ornaments such as the Granjon 6 piece (shown below) have been used by letterpress printers since the 1500s, but are seldom seen today. These simple ornaments, and others like them, provided much of the basic building blocks of this complex design.
One reason typographic ornaments are so rarely seen today in large quantities, is because of the time and difficulty in using them to create a pleasing arrangement. Each little piece is placed separately without any automation. This design evolved over approximately a month, working a few hours each day. The image is not intended to be of any particular pipe organ, but is of typically French design.

A folded copy of this broadside will be included in the upcoming de luxe copies of Parenthesis. Parenthesis is a biannual publication put out by The Fine Press Book Association. It will be published in the United Kingdom and come out in the summer of 2013.

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