Wednesday, February 20, 2013

In the News . . .

Robert LoMascolo featured in the new Wells College Class Notes publication. 

Wells Notes: Robert LoMascolo '09 has established his own Letterpress, Design, and Bookbinding business just down the road from Wells College in Union Springs, NY. After falling in love with the Book Arts classes at Wells and completing the minor, Rob went on to successfully complete his MFA in the Book Arts at The University of Alabama last fall. Many people might think it is odd to want to use antiquated letterpress technology, but letterpress is in the midst of a wide spread revival. There is nothing that can compare to the beauty and tactility of a letterpress print. Every color must be printed one at a time, and metal type is set one letter at a time just as Gutenberg did in the 1450s. Setting up a studio is no small feat. Most of the equipment hasn’t been made in decades. Today a letterpress printer must be a designer, historian, skilled crafts person, mechanic, engineer, electrician, rigger, entrepreneur, and a chemist. Relatively few presses have survived, and every one must be sought out, moved, and lovingly restored. Rob’s oldest press, was made sometime between the late 1800s and early 1900s. The most modern was made in 1968 in Germany and weighs almost 7,000 pounds! Be sure to check out Rob’s website to see videos of the process and some of Rob’s work. Should you need anything printed for your special occasion, Rob is happy to offer a special discount to the Wells family.

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