Thursday, November 6, 2014

Parenthesis 27 . . .

Have you seen my cathedralic broadside? The Parenthesis 27 de luxe edition portfolio is now out! It includes work from prestigious presses from around the world, and my latest and most complex Typosignet.
My design is made up of thousands of small typographic ornaments. Type ornaments such as the Granjon 6 piece (shown below) have been used by printers since the 16th century, but are seldom used today. These simple ornaments, and others like them, provided much of the basic building blocks of my complex design.
One reason typographic ornaments, in general, are so rarely seen today in large quantities, is because of the time and difficulty in using them to create a pleasing arrangement. Although I design these arrangements digitally and then print from plates, each and every little piece is placed separately without automation. This design evolved over the course of a month, working a few hours each day. There were a number of times I almost gave up on it, but I hope you will agree that the results make up for the tedium and difficulty of it all. 

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