Thursday, June 28, 2018


The legend of the "Whistling Rock" is back in print in a new and slightly revised edition! These books are completely letterpress printed in two colors, with hand-made seaweed paper covers, and a real "lucky stone" is attached to each book.
The books are available here,

Even though rocks do not whistle, the legend of the Whistling Rock was inspired by the naturally formed holes found in some of the rocks surrounding Long Point State Park in Aurora, New York. The real reason for the holes is likely the result of impurities or fossils commonly found in the rocks which have weathered more quickly than the rest. Never the less, these rocks usually called "lucky stones," are considered a bit of a local curiosity. Similar to hunting for four-leaf clovers, the patient and observant beachgoer can make good sport of searching for stones, and few leave empty handed. The included rock, is a real "Whistling Rock," and the hand-made paper covers are embedded with actual seaweed from Cayuga Lake. 

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